Oregon Certificate of Authority: Application Process & Fees



A company must register with the Office of the Oregon Secretary of State before doing business in Oregon. This includes registering for a trade name, filing articles of incorporation, opening a bank account, obtaining licenses, etc.

Companies that are incorporated outside of the state often need to apply for an “Oregon certificate of authority.” These certificates allow businesses to do business within the state without having to file articles of incorporation.

Registering with the Oregon Secretary Of State helps companies avoid penalties, fines, and fees associated with operating in the state.

How does the Oregon certificate of authority work?

In Oregon, companies must register with the state if they intend to do business there. This includes registering a trade name, opening a bank account, selling goods, providing professional services, and many others. To qualify for registration, a company must submit an application to the Secretary of State’s office. Once approved, the company receives a certificate of authority (COA).

The COA contains information about the company, including its address, phone number, email address, and description of what it does. In addition, the COA states whether the company is authorized to sell insurance products in Oregon.

If you fail to comply with this requirement, you could face penalties. For example, you might receive a cease and desist letter from the state. You could also face fines or other penalties if you violate the law.

What kind of certificate of authority do I need?

A Certificate of Authority (COA) is required if you want your business to operate legally in a particular jurisdiction. This includes opening a bank account or hiring someone to work within the jurisdiction. You might also need one if you are planning to start a contract or a job.

Before starting a contract or a project, you must apply for COAs. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to contact the appropriate government agency to obtain it.


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How Can I get an Oregon certificate of authority?

To obtain your Oregon Certificate of Authority, you must file an Application with the Secretary of State’s Office. This process requires providing proof of residence in the State where you want to register the company. If you don’t already have a registered agent, you must appoint one. Once the application is approved, you will receive a letter stating the date you are authorized to transact business in the State.

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For Foreign Corporations:

How to Register a Corporation in Oregon”

To register a foreign corporation in Oregon, you must file an authority application with the Oregon Secretary of State. You can do it online through the Secretary of State website. There are three steps involved:

1. Choose the type of entity you want to establish.

2. Fill out the registration form.

3. Pay the filing fee.

The easiest way to pay the fee is through credit card. If you choose to use PayPal, you will need to provide additional information about yourself.

If you decide to go ahead with the application, you will receive a confirmation email once the application is processed.

For Foreign Limited Liability Companies:

A foreign limited liability company (LLC) must register with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. This process includes filing an application form, paying registration fees, and completing several forms. The LLC must also obtain a federal tax ID number, known as EIN, and pay taxes.

The application fee is $275 per entity. If you want to incorporate a domestic LLC, you do not need to pay the fee. However, if you want to incorporate a foreign LLC, you will need to submit an application. You will also need to provide proof of funds for the initial deposit.

There are three different ways to register a foreign LLC in Oregon. They include:

1. Online – You can register online. This option requires you to fill out the application form, pay the registration fee, and upload documents.

2. By mail – You can register by mail. You will need to send a check along with the application form and registration fee payment.

3. In person –You can register in person. You will need to bring documentation of funding for the initial deposit and the application fee. If you choose to register by mail, receiving your registration confirmation can take up to 10 How days. After receiving confirmation, you will need to wait another 30 days before your LLC becomes active.

Foreign Nonprofit Corporations:

To register a foreign nonprofit corporation

How in Oregon, you must file an authority application with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. This differs from registering a domestic nonprofit corporation because it requires filing fees and additional information.

There are two ways to file an application for authority: online and by mail. You can find instructions here.

Fees vary based on the type of organization you want to register. For example, a registered agent needs to pay $300 for each year of registration. A tax exempt status costs $200 per year. If you plan to do a lot of work in Oregon, you might consider paying the fee up front.

If you don’t want to spend money upfront, you can still apply for authority by mail. However, there are some things you’ll need to provide. Here’s what you need to include in the application:

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• Your name

• Your mailing address

• An email address where you can receive communications about your application

Foreign Professional Corporations:

To incorporate a foreign professional corporation in Oregon, you must apply for authorization to do so through the Office of the Oregon Secretary of State (OSS). You must submit a filing fee of $275 and provide certain supporting documentation.

Fees depend on how long you plan to remain incorporated in Oregon, where you reside, and whether you intend to pay state corporate income tax.

There are many different ways to form a foreign professional corporation in the United States. We offer a free initial consultation to help you decide what options might work best for you. We can answer questions about licensing requirements, incorporation procedures, and the process for obtaining licenses and permits.

Foreign Limited Partnerships:

Oregon law requires foreign corporations to register with the state. To do so, a foreign limited partnership must submit an application to the Secretary of State. This process includes filing an affidavit stating the name of the general partner, address, mailing address and telephone number. The form also asks for the name of each person serving as a manager or director of the entity.

The registration fee is $275.00. An agent must be designated to accept service of legal documents on behalf of the foreign corporation. The agent must be “a resident individual of the United States.”

In addition to registering with the state, foreign corporations are subject to Oregon sales tax. In fact, they are treated like domestic corporations for purposes of taxation. For example, a foreign corporation with no employees and no gross receipts may qualify for a refundable credit against income taxes.

How long does the state process the Oregon Certificate of Authority take?

Normal processing takes 35 business days; in person processing is free. Fax filing processing takes 56 business days; online processing takes 1 business day; there is an extra fee if filed online or faxed.

What will I need to do to verify my qualifications?

To obtain an Oregon Certificate of Authority (COA), you must file an application, pay registration fees, and appoint a registered agent. If you are filing for a domestic entity, the state requires that you have an address within the state. You cannot use a post office box as your address. This applies even if you do not live there full time.

If you choose to register your foreign entity, you must provide proof that it meets the requirements of the Foreign Corporation Act. For example, if you are registering a corporation in Delaware, you must show that it has been incorporated under the laws of Delaware since January 1, 2013.

Your appointment of a registered agent determines whether or not your application will be accepted. If you are filing a domestic entity, you must name a resident agent. If you are registering a foreign entity, you must name either a resident agent or a corporate agent.

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The registered agent serves as the contact person for the state. They receive mail sent to the company and forward it to the proper parties. They also sign documents filed with the state.

You can designate one or more agents to act on behalf of your company. However, if you are filing a foreign entity, you cannot have more than three resident agents. If you are filing an LLC, you cannot have more resident agents than members.

If you fail to comply with the above rules, your application will likely be rejected. In addition, you could face fines for failing to follow the law.



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need from my home state?

If you want to set up a shop in another state, you’ll need to apply for an Oregon certificate of authority. To become one, you’ll need to file documents like a limited liability company, corporation, or nonprofit corporation. You’ll also need to provide proof of incorporation, such as a certificate of existence. These types of documents are filed with the Secretary of State.

Do the signatures on the Oregon corporation application need to be original?

You don’t need to sign the document yourself because corporations are required to file documents electronically. A corporation can do this by submitting a PDF version of the document to the Secretary of State. In addition, the corporation can provide a digital copy of the document to shareholders upon request.

Are there any weird things about registering in Oregon?

County filing or publication is not necessarily required for foreign corporations. However, it is recommended. If you are incorporated outside of Oregon, you must register your corporation in Oregon, even though your registered agent resides out of state. You can do this online through the Secretary of State’s Web site.

If you are incorporated in another state, you must file your articles of incorporation in each state where you conduct business.

You also need to publish notice of your existence in one newspaper published in the city or town where your principal office is located and in one newspaper published in every place where you transact business.

The purpose of publishing a notice is to give others written notification of your corporate existence. This way, you don’t have to remind people that you exist constantly.

Are there ongoing Oregon annual reports and initial reporting requirements?

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office says it doesn’t know whether companies must submit annual reports every year or just once annually. The law requires annual reports for corporations doing business in Oregon. Companies that don’t do business in Oregon aren’t required to file an annual report.

Oregon law requires annual reports within 30 days of the end of each calendar year. Businesses that fail to comply face penalties including fines up to $10,000 per violation.

Companies that want to find out about the annual filing requirement can call the Oregon Secretary of State‘s office at 503-378-4200 or go online to sos.oregon.gov.

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