SOS Filing Number Texas: Everything You Need To Know



What is SOS Filing Number Texas

SOS filing number is a unique identification number assigned to each business entity in Texas. Every company, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc., must have a unique SOS filing number. The SOS filing number helps to identify the owner of the business and its registered agent. A business may use a different name than the legal name of the business. In addition, a business may change ownership without changing the name of the business. Therefore, the SOS filing number is necessary to help determine who owns what business.

The SOS filing number consists of three parts:

• A prefix (the first two letters)

• An area code (the last four digits)

• A suffix (last six digits).

For example, if a business was incorporated under the name “ABC Company”, then the SOS filing number would look like this: ABC-1234567890123456.

If a business changed its name to XYZ Corporation, then the SOS filing numbers would look like this: XYZ-123456789012.

In order to obtain a valid SOS filing number, a business must file an application with the Secretary of State’s office. The application should be filed at least 30 days before the date the business begins operating. If the business does not begin operating until after the deadline, then the business must file an amended application.

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Businesses that operate out of state must register their businesses in the state where they conduct business. However, if a business operates only in Texas, then it is not necessary to register the business in any other state.


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How To get SOS Filing Number Texas

The SOS filing number is the official identification number given to each individual who applies for a license under the State of Texas Medical Marijuana Program. It is issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and is valid for five years. To obtain a DPS-issued SOS filing number, applicants need to submit their application to the DPS office located at 901 N St., Austin, TX 78702.

The following documents should be submitted along with the application:

• A completed Application for Registration/License;

• Two copies of a current photo ID;

• Proof of residency;

• Copy of Social Security card;

• Copy of birth certificate;

• Copy of passport;

• Copy of driver’s license;

• Copy of voter registration card;

• Copy or original utility bill;

• Copy of lease agreement;

• Copy of bank statement;

• Copy of paycheck stub;

What is the importance of SOS Filing Number Texas

SOS filing number is a document that is filed with the state of Texas Department of Insurance (DII) and is issued to any business entity who wishes to sell insurance products in the State of Texas. A company may obtain a license to sell insurance products only if they have obtained a valid SOS filing number from DII. In order to get the SOS filing number, a business entity should file Form No. 605-A with DII.

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The purpose of obtaining a valid SOS filing number is to protect consumers from fraudulent activities of insurance agents. An applicant for a license to sell insurance policies in the State of Texas must provide proof that he/she has been duly licensed to sell insurance products in another state. If an applicant fails to provide proof of his/her licensing status, then the application shall not be accepted by DII.

An applicant for a license to operate a motor vehicle agency in the State of Texas should submit Form No. 605B along with Form No. 605A.

Form No. 605A is a statement of information regarding the applicant’s experience and qualifications to sell insurance products in Texas. Form No. 605C is a statement of information about the applicant’s experience and qualification to act as a broker for the sale of insurance products in Texas.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Texas tax ID number

If you’re planning on selling any product online, whether CBD oil, clothing, or even some flowers, you’ll want to get a Texas Tax ID Number (TIN). A TIN is essentially a business license; if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to sell anything. You should receive your TIN within 10-14 days after submitting your application. If you do not receive it within 14 days, please contact us via email at

Is the SOS number and entity number the same

The SOS number (Service Ordering System) is a unique identifier assigned to each product sold by a company. The entity number is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to identify each unit of a specific product.

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For example, if I have a bottle of water labeled “SOS #12345” and it comes from a particular factory, then the entity number would be 12345. If I buy two bottles of water at different times from the same factory, they would have the same entity number, 12345. However, if I bought them from two different factories, they would have other entity numbers.

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