Secretary of State Filing Number Requirements & Process in Missouri



Secretary of state filing number requirements vary depending upon the type of entity you wish to form. For example, if you are forming a corporation, LLC, or non-profit organization, you must obtain a filing number before you can begin operating.

In order to operate legally within the state of Missouri, you must first obtain a filing number. To do so, you must comply with certain filing number requirements set forth by the secretary of state.

Here’s a quick overview of the filing number requirements for different entities:

Corporation – Formed under Chapter 351 RSMo

LLC – Formed under Chapter 347 RSMo

Non-Profit Organization – Formed under Chapter 352 RSMo

Business Entity – Formed under Chapter 355 RSMo

You may also find additional information regarding these filing number requirements on the secretary of state’s website.

SOS filing number application process in MO

In order to apply for a Social Security number, you must first obtain an SSN application form from the Social Security Administration. There are several different forms depending on the type of SSN you wish to receive.

You may also find yourself needing to fill out additional paperwork depending on the state in which you reside.

For instance, some states require proof of citizenship before issuing an SSN. Other states require proof of residency. And still, others require proof of income.

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This article will provide information regarding all of these requirements.

1. Obtain a Form SSA-1140

The first step toward obtaining a Social Security number is to complete a form called SSA-1140. This form is used to request a Social Security number.

2. Submit Proof of Citizenship

Some states require proof of citizenship when applying for a Social Security number. For example, residents of California must submit a birth certificate and proof of citizenship.

3. Submit Proof of Residency

Residents of certain states must prove their residency prior to receiving a Social Security number. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

4. Provide Income Documentation

Depending on the state in which the applicant resides, he/she may be required to provide documentation of his/her income.

5. Complete Additional Forms

Additional forms may be needed depending on the state in question. For example, some states require proof that the applicant has lived within the state for six months. Others require proof of employment. Still, others may require proof of disability.


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Know when to file an SOS filing number Missouri

A Secretary of state filing number is required when applying for a license, registering vehicles, or obtaining business licenses.

In order to obtain a secretary of state filing number, you must first apply for a driver’s license. To do so, visit the Department of Revenue’s Driver License Division.

Once you receive your driver’s license, you may also register your vehicle(s), renew your registration, and/or change your address. These actions require a filing number. Visit the Department of Revenue‘s Vehicle Registration Division to learn more.

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You may also need a filing number to open a bank account, establish a corporation, or conduct business. For these purposes, you may contact the Secretary of State’s office.

There are several benefits of SOS filing number in Missouri.

In Missouri, filing a secretary of state form is required when opening a business, applying for a license, or registering a vehicle. There are several benefits to having a filing number. Here are some reasons why you should choose a filing number over a DBA name.

1. Protecting your Business Name

Your company name is protected under federal trademark law. But, if you register your company name with the secretary of state, you also protect yourself from anyone else trying to use your name.

2. Avoid Confusion

You may think that your company name sounds like another company’s name, but it doesn’t matter. When you apply for a license or permit, the city clerk won’t ask you for proof that you own the company name. They just care that you own the business.

3. Easier Registration Process

Registering a vehicle requires filling out forms and submitting documents to the department of revenue. Registering a business requires filling out forms and sending copies of documents to the secretary of state’s office.

4. Save Money

Filing a business name with the secretary of states saves you money. Instead of paying $50-$100 per year to renew your business license, you only pay $25. And instead of paying $20-$40 to register your vehicle, you only pay $10.

5. More Visibility

Once you file a business name, you can search for businesses with similar names. For example, if you wanted to find all restaurants in St Louis, you could type “restaurants st louis mo” into Google. However, if you searched for “st louis restaurant,” you wouldn’t find anything.

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6. Better Search Results

Search engines like Google and Bing index the information the secretary of state provides. So, if you filed your business name with the secretary, you’d likely receive higher rankings in searches for your business name.

7. No Need to Change Names

If you change your business name, you must file a new application with the secretary of state. Changing your name after filing with the secretary of state costs $60.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate late LLC filing fees?

Late filing fees vary depending on state law. However, the late fee amount is usually $25 per day plus interest. For example, if you filed your LLC on April 1st but didn’t pay until May 2nd, you’d owe $25 x 5 days $125.

Who needs a Missouri tax ID number?

The Missouri Department of Revenue has been collecting sales and use taxes on behalf of the state since July 1, 2013. The department is responsible for administering Missouri’s sales and use tax laws. In addition, it collects the taxes from retailers and remits them to the State Tax Commission.

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