Massachusetts Certificate of Authority: How To Qualify



To do business in Massachusetts, one needs a Massachusetts Certificate of Authority (COSA). A COSA is required for companies seeking to establish themselves in Massachusetts or those wishing to conduct business in Massachusetts.

If you are doing business in Massachusetts, the state requires that you obtain a certificate of authorization (COA), similar to a COSA. However, unlike a COA, a COSA is valid for five years.

The process of obtaining a COSA is simple. You simply need to fill out an application form and submit it along with the appropriate fees to the Secretary of State.

Once you receive your COSA, you can use it to register your company name, telephone number, email address, and principal place of business.

You will also be able to use it for tax purposes. In addition, you will be able access online information about your registered agent, including his/her contact information, mailing address, and phone numbers.

What Is a Massachusetts Certificate of Authority & How Does It Work?

A Massachusetts certificate of authority is needed to conduct business in Massachusetts. This includes opening a business, registering a trademark, hiring employees, filing taxes, and obtaining insurance.

Companies must file an application with Massachusetts’ secretary of state to obtain a Massachusetts certificate. You should contact your local banking institution to find out what documentation you’ll need to provide it to open a checking account, and how long it takes to process the paperwork.

Why do I need a certificate of authority?

A certificate of authority is required in order to open an office or physical location outside of the United States. If you are opening a branch office, you must apply for a certificate of authority before you hire anyone. You must also obtain one before applying for a license.

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Certificates of authority are granted by state governments and local jurisdictions. They allow businesses to operate legally within a specific area. For example, a certificate of authority allows a corporation to conduct business out of a particular address.

Licensing authorities require certificates of authorizations before granting licenses. In some cases, such as those involving alcohol or firearms, licensing requirements are national in scope. Other types of licenses, like driver’s licenses, are typically issued locally.

How & Where Can I Get a Massachusetts Certificate of Authority?

To obtain a Massachusetts certificate of authorization, you must file an Application for Certificate of Authority with the Secretary of State’s office. You must include the following information:

• Your name, address and telephone number

• The name of the proposed corporation

• The name and address of each person signing the application

• How long you intend to remain in business

• An explanation of why you want to incorporate

• Any restrictions imposed by law


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For Foreign Corporations:

A foreign corporation must register with Massachusetts’ secretary of state if it has its principal place of business outside of Massachusetts.

The corporate charter will expire after ten years unless renewed.

The company’s name must include “corporation.” If the corporation does not comply with the registration requirements, it could face fines or even criminal charges.

For Foreign Limited Liability Companies:

A foreign limited liability company must apply for registration in Massachusetts if it intends to do business in Massachusetts. Foreign LLCs are required to file an application with the Secretary of State to obtain a certificate of authority to transact business in Massachusetts.

The filing fee is $200 per LLC.

For Foreign Nonprofit Corporations:

A foreign nonprofit organization must register before doing business within the Commonwealth. To do so, it must file Form 515 with the Secretary of State’s office. This form requires the following information: name of the entity; address where registered agent resides; mailing address; principal place of business; date of formation; purpose of the corporation; names and addresses of directors; and names and addresses of officers.

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The secretary of state will send the completed form to the foreign nonprofit organization along with instructions for filing the return. If you are incorporated outside of Massachusetts, please contact us to determine whether you need to register here.

If you already have a corporate charter from another jurisdiction, you may use that document as proof of incorporation.

Massachusetts does not require foreign nonprofits to pay taxes. Instead, they are required to report annually to the Internal Revenue Service. You may find additional information about reporting requirements here.Foreign Professional Corporations:

Foreign Corporation Registration Requirements

A foreign corporation must register before doing business in Massachusetts. In addition, to do business in Massachusetts, a corporation must obtain a certificate from the Secretary of State. This includes filing a Certificate of Incorporation, which states the name of the corporation; the address where it does business; the date of incorporation; and the names and addresses of directors and officers. Also, a foreign professional corporation must file a Certificate of Good Standar…

How to Register a Business Name in Singapore – A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video we show you how to register a business name in Singapore. We cover the basics including different types of companies and registering capital letters.Foreign Limited Partnerships:

Foreign entities are required to register with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office in order to do business within the Commonwealth. However, foreign entities can choose to register with the Massachusetts Office of Business Assistance (BOBA). BOBA offers a streamlined registration process for foreign entities that meet certain requirements.

The following information must be included in the application:

• A copy of the partnership agreement

• A list of partners

• An address where notices will be sent

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• Information about each partner’s citizenship

• If applicable, a statement regarding whether the entity is qualified to conduct business in Massachusetts

• Any additional documents required by law

• All fees due

The answer depends on where you live. If you are getting married outside of your home state, you must obtain a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State’s office in your home state. This document certifies that the person performing the ceremony is legally authorized to perform marriages in that state.

If you are marrying someone who lives within your state, there are no additional requirements. However, if you want to marry someone who lives outside your state, you still need to provide proof that he or she is authorized to perform weddings in your state. You can find this information a registered agent?

A registered agent is someone who accepts legal documents on behalf of a company. This person is usually a lawyer or accountant. They are responsible for receiving important notices such as court papers, tax returns, contracts, etc. If you don’t have one, it could mean that you’re missing out on important information about your company.

There is no cost to register your agent. We offer free document delivery within 24 hours of receipt of your request. Just add our Registered Agent Service to your certificate of authority order.



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need from my home state?

You must get a Certificate of Authority from your home state. The Certificate of Authority confirms that the officiant is legally authorized to perform ceremonies in your state.

Do I need a registered agent?

Yes! It’s very common for small businesses not to have an agent.

Does it need to be an original copy?

No, but make sure it has all the necessary signatures.

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