New York Registered Agent: Choosing The Best One For Your Business



A registered agent is required by New York law to accept legal documents filed with the Secretary of State. If you register your limited liability corporation (LLC) online, we will assign one of our agents to serve as your registered agent.

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What Do New York Registered Agents Do?

A NY registered agent must act like an agent for your company. This includes filing annual reports, paying taxes, keeping records, and acting as a liaison to the state. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to find a good registered agent. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current registered agent.

1. How long has he been doing this?

2. Does he charge extra fees?

3. What happens if I want to change my address?

4. Will he help me set up a safe deposit box?

5. Can he take care of my corporate filings?

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6. Is he willing to answer my questions?

What are the legal requirements for new agents in New York?

A registered agent is required to register with the state of New York. This person is responsible for receiving legal notices, paying taxes, maintaining records, filing documents, etc. If you are starting a business, it is important to find out what requirements are necessary for registering a New York resident as a registered agent.

The following information will help you determine whether or not you need to register a New York resident as your registered agent.

1. What Is a Registered Agent?

An individual or entity that registers with the state of New Jersey is called a registered agent. In addition to receiving legal notices and paying taxes, a registered agent is responsible for maintaining records, filing documents, and providing other administrative support.

2. Who Needs to Register a New York Resident As a Registered Agent?

If you are operating a business in New York, it is imperative that you have a registered agent. You do not want to operate without one because there are many consequences associated with doing so. For example, if you fail to pay taxes, penalties could apply. Additionally, if someone sues you, the court will look to see if you have proper representation.

3. How Do I Determine Whether or Not I Need To Register a New York Resident as my Registered Agent?

How do I change my new york registered agent?

If you are considering changing your New York registered agent, there are several things you must do before making the transition. You may choose to hire someone else to handle the task, or you may decide to take matters into your own hands. If you plan to change your registered agent yourself, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Step One – Contact Your Current Registrar

Before contacting your current registrar, make sure you understand what information needs to be updated. For example, if you wish to add a second office location, you will need to update your address, phone number, email address, etc. Also, keep in mind that certain states require proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or passport.

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Step Two – Update Your DBA Information

Once you know what information needs updating, contact your current registrar to request the necessary forms. Be prepared to provide copies of your most recent tax returns, W2s, 1099s, and/or bank statements. These documents will allow your current registrar to verify your personal information.

Step Three – Prepare Your Documents

After receiving the appropriate documentation, your current registrar will prepare the required paperwork. This process usually takes anywhere from one week to three weeks depending on how busy they are. Once completed, your current registrar sends the requested documents to the Secretary of State’s Office where the application is reviewed for accuracy.

Why use a business registered agent service?

The appointment of a registered agent is one of the most basic tasks you must perform for your company. A registered agent is responsible for receiving legal notices such as court papers and tax filings. If you don’t appoint a registered agent, your company won’t receive important notifications like those mentioned above. In fact, it could even lose out on government contracts.

In addition to being notified of important legal matters, a registered agent also receives important information regarding your company’s financial status. For example, if you’re applying for a loan, your lender will want to know whether your company has paid its How bills on time.

A registered agent provides peace of mind by ensuring that your business is properly represented. You’ll never have to worry about missing important legal deadlines. And since we’re based in New York City, we’re able to act quickly whenever you need us.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


Can I be my own registered agent?

Being your own registered agent could mean saving money. If you are incorporated in New York state, there is no charge for being your own registered agent. You just need to provide proof of incorporation, such as a certificate of registration or articles of incorporation, to the Secretary of State. In addition, you must be able to receive service during regular business hours.

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A registered agent must be available during normal business hours to accept service of process. This includes accepting service of summonses, complaints, warrants, subpoenas, petitions, notices, and other legal documents. For example, if you are served with a lawsuit, it is important to know how long the court requires you to respond.

Your company’s registered agent information must be included in your articles or operating agreement. This document lists the names and addresses of the registered agents for each member of the LLC.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Serve as My New York Registered Agent?

You may appoint an individual person or a company to serve you as your New York registered office. If you choose to use a corporation, it must be formed under the laws of the state of New York. A corporation cannot act as a legal entity or a natural person.

Is a Registered Agent Liable?

A registered agent is only responsible for serving legal papers on behalf of a corporation. If you fail to serve those papers within 30 days of being served, the court may hold you personally liable. This could include paying damages to the court. However, it depends on how long you failed to serve the paperwork. You are protected against personal liability if you act reasonably under the circumstances.

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