North Carolina LLC Annual Filing Requirements: The Full Process



To form an North Carolina limited liability company (LLC), you must pay $100 filing fee and file Articles of Organizatin with the Secretary of State. You must file articles of organization, an annual report, and federal and state income tax returns annually. Each member of the LLC must sign a partnership agreement before organizing the entity.

Annual Report in NC

An annual report is required by state law for any company doing busineses in North Carolina. This document contains basic information about your limited liability company, including name, address and registered agent, number of member, date formed, type, principal place of business and other details. You are required to file this document within 30 days after you form your LLC.

The annual report must include certain types of financial statements, tax returns and other documents. For example, it must contain balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements, among others. If you fail to file the annual report, the Secretary of State will send you a notice telling you what needs to be included in the report and how much it costs.

State Business Tax in North Carolina

North Carolina doesn’t charge state income tax on LLC profits. Instead, it charges a “state business tax,” based on the total net profit earned by the LLC during the year.

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The state business tax is calculated by multiplying the total net profit by.0125%. For example, if you earn $10,000 in net profit, you’ll owe $1,250 in state business tax. If you’re a sole proprietorship, you’ll pay this tax directly out of pocket. But if you run an S Corp., you won’t pay anything because the corporation will personally pass the tax to you.

State Employer Taxes in NC

To register your LLC, you must obtain an employer identification number (EIN). You do this by filing Form SS-4 with the IRS. This form requires information about you and your business. If you are self-employed, you will use Schedule SE.

Your LLC needs to file its tax return each year. For most businesses, it is done electronically. The amount withheld depends on several factors including the type of business entity, whether there are employees, and how much income you had during the previous year.

Withholding taxes include both social insurance and Medicare taxes. Social Security withholds 3.8% and Medicare withholds 0.9%. These amounts are added to the total amount withheld.

Registration in Othe ther States

In most states, if you are planning to start a business, you must register it with the state government. This can be done either online or offline. If you plan to do it online, make sure you know what documents you need to provide. You might even consider hiring a lawyer to help you prepare the necessary paperwork.

If you decide to register offline, you will need to apply for a certificate of authority. This document certifies that you are authorized to conduct business within the state. To complete the process, you will need to pay filing fees and taxes.

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North Carolina annual report due dates and fees

The annual report deadline is April 15th. The filing fees vary depending on the type of entity you are filing for.

For corporations, partnerships, LLCs and S Corporations, there is no fee. For trusts, estates, unincorporated associations and foreign entities, there is $100 per person filing. If you are filing for yourself as an individual, you pay $200. These fees apply to both state and federal filings.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


File your annual report for North Carolina.

File your North Carolina Annual Report online. If you are filing electronically, use the link above. You must file your annual report online if it contains information about sales, property, income, deductions, etc., and if you want to avoid having to pay $25 per person. Filing your annual report online is free. To mail your annual report, follow the instructions below.

Mail your annual report to:

Office of the Secretary of State

North Carolina Division of Corporations

Attn: NC Annual Reports

PO Box 88009

Raleigh, NC 27699-8009

Payment Options

Credit Card Payment:

You can make payments by credit card online. Click here to complete the form.

Check Payment:

If you prefer to mail your check, please send it to:

NC Annual Reports

Post Office Drawer #1400

PO Box 88008

Raleigh, NC 27608-8008



Frequently Asked Questions

How to File Your North Carolina Annual Report

To file your North Carolina Annual Reports, you’ll need to determine your company’s due date, fees, and whether it’s an LLC or corporation. NC corporations (foreign and domestic), partnerships (LLPs and LLDPs), and LLCs must file an annual report within 30 days of the close of the calendar year. Corporations must file reports yearly, regardless of how much money they had during the previous year. If your company does not make enough revenue to require a tax return, you do not have to file an annual report.

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The filing fee for corporations is $20 (online) or $25 (paper). For LLCs, the filing fee is $202 (online or $200 (paper).

For additional information about filing requirements, please contact the North Carolina Division of Corporation Finance at 919-715-6700.

How long does North Carolina Annual Report processing take?

The state of North Carolina requires businesses to submit their annual reports online. This allows the NC Division of Corporations to process the information within 24 hours. However, there is no guarantee that the data will be posted online immediately. If you want to ensure that your filing is processed quickly, you must file it via email. When you send the form, make sure to include your contact information.

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