New Hampshire Certificate of Authority: Complete Filing Guide



A New Hampshire certificate of authority (COA) is required if you want to operate an unincorporated business in New Hampshire. The COA is filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and is used to verify that you are authorized to do business in New Hampshire. You cannot sell products or services without a COA.

The following documents are required to obtain a COA:

1. Complete application form

2. $50 filing fee

3. Business name registration statement

4. List of directors, officers, agents and employees

5. Financial statements

What is a New Hampshire certificate of authority do in Business?

A New Hampshire certificate of authority (COA) is required for companies incorporated outside of New Hampshire to do business in the state. This includes banks and other financial institutions.

Companies incorporated outside of New Hampshire are subject to the same laws as those incorporated within the state. They must comply with the same regulations and pay taxes like everyone else. However, they cannot claim to be doing business in New Hampshire unless they have obtained a COA.

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The COA application process is simple and inexpensive. It costs $50 plus fees charged by the county clerk where the company is incorporated.

When do I need a certificate of authority in NH?

A certificate of authority (COA) is needed if you want to open a branch office or hire employees in a foreign country. You must obtain a COA before starting a project in a different state. Licensing authorities require COAs before granting licenses.

How do I get a New Hampshire CA?

To apply for a New Hampshire Certificate of Authority, you must file an Application with the Secretary of State’s Office. You must submit the following documents:

1. An original copy of your articles of incorporation or organization;

2. Proof of your principal place of business within New Hampshire;

3. Evidence that you are authorized to transact business in New Hampshire;

4. Evidence that you have appointed a Registered Agent in New Hampshire;

5. Evidence that you have filed an annual report with the Secretary of State since becoming incorporated;

6. Evidence that you have paid any fees due under RSA 442:10, II; and

For Foreign Corporations:

A foreign corporation must apply for a Certificate of Authority to do business in New Hampshire. A foreign corporation must obtain an Annual Report from the Secretary of State prior to doing business in New Hampshire.

For Foreign Limited Liability Companies:

A foreign limited liability company must register with the Secretary For of State if it conducts business in New For Hampshire. In addition, an LLC must obtain a Certificate Of Good Standing before conducting any activity. An LLC must pay an annual fee to keep a Certificate of Good Standing in good standing.

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Foreign Nonprofit Corporations:

Foreign nonprofits must register with the New Hampshire secretary if their principal place of business is outside of New Hampshire. They must apply for certification of good standing prior to incorporation.


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For Foreign Professional Corporations:

Foreign professional corporations are businesses incorporated outside of the United States that conduct business in New Hampshire. They include limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, trusts, and foreign governments. These entities must apply for authorization to do business in New Hampshire. In addition, they must register with the Secretary of State’s Office.

The purpose of this form is to provide information about the entity and its officers. Once authorized, foreign professional corporations may engage in commercial activities within New Hampshire.

For Foreign Limited Partnerships:

A foreign limited partnership must file an application for incorporation with the Secretary of State. This process includes providing proof of the existence of the partnership. In addition, the applicant must pay $50 to incorporate.

The Secretary of State will send notice to the foreign limited partnership that it has been registered. The foreign limited partnership must then publish notice of its formation in one newspaper of general circulation within each county where it does business.

For Foreign Limited Liability Partnerships:

New Hampshire does not require foreign LLCs to apply with New Hampshire Secretary of State. Instead, foreign LLCs must pay $100 to register their names. This fee is waived if the LLC is incorporated in another state. There is no requirement to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need from my home state

Filing the paperwork required by New Hampshire law, you must file a statement of compliance with the Secretary of State’s office. This document includes information about how much money you are raising, where it is being spent, and what percentage of funds are coming from each donor. You must include the following information:

• How many people work for your organization;

• A list of officers, directors, trustees, and volunteers;

• Your mailing address and phone number;

• The name of the charity;

• Whether you accept donations online, over the telephone, in person, or via mail;

• What percentage of your income goes toward fundraising expenses;

Do you need a certificate of good standing in NH?

You can get one at the Secretary of State’s office. You’ll have to pay $10 for it, but that’s not too bad considering how much time and money you’ve spent on this project. It will be valid for two years.

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