SOS Filing Number Ohio: Everything You Should Know



The secretary of state is responsible for maintaining records of corporations and business filings in the state of Ohio. The office was established in 1803 and is located at 100 E. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215-3500. The current secretary of state is Jon Husted who took over after his predecessor’s resignation.

  • LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of company incorporated under the laws of the state of Ohio. An LLC is considered a hybrid between a corporation and a partnership. In order to incorporate, an individual must file articles of organization with the secretary of state. Once filed, the company becomes active and may conduct business throughout the state.

  • Filing Number

A filing number is assigned to each entity once it is registered with the secretary of state’s office. Each filing number consists of three parts: the letter “L” followed by two numbers separated by a hyphen. The first part indicates whether the company is domestic or foreign; the second part identifies the type of entity; and the third part contains four digits.

  • Ohio

Ohio is a Midwestern U.S. state located along Lake Erie and centered around the Great Lakes. Ohio is known for its capital city of Columbus, home of Ohio State University, and its major cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, and Youngstown. Ohio is the 33rd largest state in terms of area and the 10th most populous.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


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What are the benefits of having an Ohio SOS filing number for your business?

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The Ohio SOS LLC filing number (SOS) is a unique identifier assigned to each company registered under the laws of the State of Ohio. The Secretary of State’s office issued the SOS filing number which comprised 9 numbers and letters. These numbers and letters represent the following information:

• The first two digits – The year the company was formed.

• The third digit – The month in which the company was created.

• The fourth digit – The day on which the company was established.

• The fifth letter – The state where the company was formed.

This filing number is not only useful for identifying companies but is also helpful for tracking the history of any business entity. Companies may use their SOS filing numbers to identify themselves online, officially print documents and file taxes.

Here are some things you can use your Ohio SOS filing number for:

The Ohio SOS LLC filing number is a unique identifier assigned to each company registered under the Ohio Limited Liability Company Act (LLC). When communicating with the Secretary of State’s office about your business filings, you may use this number to identify yourself online.

For example, suppose you have filed articles of organization for your company using the Ohio SOS LLC filing number. In that case, you could log onto and enter your filing number to find out about your company. If you need to file additional documents with the state, you would go to www.sos.State.Oh.US/filing_forms and select the appropriate forms based on what type of document you want to submit.

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How To Get Secretary of State LLC Filing Number in Ohio

You need to fill out the online application form and pay the fee before submitting it. If you do not have access to the internet then you may contact the local county recorder’s office where you live to request a paper copy of the application. Once you receive the application, you should mail it back to the state along with any supporting documents.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the SOS filing number in Ohio?

There is no charge to apply for a sos filing number. However, if you want to renew your sos filing number, you will have to pay $25.00 each year.

When does the SOS filing number expire in Ohio?

Your sos filing number expires after five years.

Can I use my own address instead of my employer’s address to apply for sos filing number in Ohio?

Yes, you can use your own address to apply for SOS filing number.

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