SOS Filing Number North Dakota: Everything You Should Know



The secretary of state file number is a unique identifier assigned to each corporation formed under the laws of North Dakota. Each filing includes the company’s name, its address, the date filed, and the number of capitalization requirements.

  •  Name of Corporation

The corporation’s name should reflect the nature of the business being conducted. A corporation may have many words depending on the business type.

  • Address

The address listed on the corporate documents should match the physical location where the business is located. Both addresses should appear on the filings if the business operates out of two locations.

  • Date Filed

This field indicates the day the document was filed with the secretary of state.

  • Capitalization Requirements

Capitalization requirements indicate how much money is required to start the business. These requirements vary based on the type of business.

What are the Advantage of Having a North Dakota SOS filing number?

North Dakota SOS (State Operating System) numbers were created in order to help protect consumers and businesses from fraud and scams. In addition to helping people know who they’re dealing with, these numbers provide a way for companies to identify themselves online.

SOS numbers are issued by the state government and are assigned to each business based on their location. These numbers are not meant to replace any existing company identification system. Instead, they serve as a supplement to ensure that customers have access to information about the company before doing business with them.

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The following are some examples of how SOS numbers can benefit both consumers and businesses:

– Consumers can use the SOS number to verify a legitimate business. The business is likely legit if the number is listed on the website. However, if the number isn’t listed, then it could mean that the business is fraudulent.

– Businesses can use the SOS number as a marketing tool. By listing the number on their websites, they can show potential customers that the state has verified them.

– Companies can use the SOS number in advertising campaigns. When a consumer sees a company’s name and SOS number, they’ll be able to trust that the company is legitimate.

– SOS numbers can help prevent identity theft. Because the numbers are unique to each business, they make it difficult for someone else to open a fake business using the same name.

Where can I file for my North Dakota SOS filing number from?

If you want to start a business or have a current LLC filing number, you need to do it both online & offline.

First, you must register your name on the secretary of state’s website. The fee is $25 per year for individuals.

To ensure everything goes smoothly for your LLC registration, We suggest researching how to file documents. There may be things you’ll need to get before your registration will be processed.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


What are some things you can do with your North Dakota SOS filing number?

North Dakota SOS LLC Filing Number – If you have not filed your business name yet, you should immediately file your company name at the Secretary of State’s office. You may use any name you want; however, if you register your business under a fictitious name (a name that does not exist), you need to provide proof of identity before you can start doing business. Your business name registration will allow you to open bank accounts, pay taxes, and receive legal services.

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You can still use the same name if you already have a registered business name. However, you must update your information with the Secretary of State’s Office. When updating your information, make sure that you list your correct address and phone number. Also, make sure that you update your business name and contact information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees associated with obtaining a North Dakota SOS filing number?

Yes! There are specific fees associated with getting a North Dakota SOS LLC filed.

How long does obtaining a North Dakota SOS filing number take?

It takes approximately two weeks for an individual to obtain their North Dakota SOS filing number.

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