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What Is SOS Filing Number

The SOS filing number is a unique identifier assigned to each business entity registered under the Companies Act 2013. A company’s name is not its SOS filing number. Every person who owns shares in a company is entitled to receive a copy of the register of members (the Register) and the company’s annual return (the Annual Return). These documents are filed at the Registrar of Companies (ROC), along with the company’s Articles of Association (AoA) and Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&AsoA).

The ROC assigns a unique SOS filing number to each company upon registration. This number is printed on the first page of the AoA and M&AsoA. The SOS filing number consists of three parts:

• Part 1 – The prefix “SOS” stands for the State of Singapore.

• Part 2 – The suffix “Filing No.” identifies the particular company.

• Part 3 – The last two digits identify the year of incorporation.

For example, if a company was incorporated in 2016, its SOS filing number would look like SOS2016-00123456789.

Every company should have a separate set of AoA and M&Asoa. If a company is dissolved, then the company ceases to exist, and any assets the company holds become the property of the liquidator. In this case, the liquidator files a notice of dissolution with the ROC. The ROC cancels the company’s registration and issues a certificate of cancellation.

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If a company fails to file its annual returns, then the ROC may issue a show cause letter to the company. The company is given 14 days to respond to the show cause letter. Failure to do so results in the company being deregistered.

What Are the Benefits of SOS Filing Number?

SOS filing number is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the benefits of SOS filing number. Our previous article has discussed some of the benefits of SOS filing numbers. In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits of SOS filing in detail.

Benefits of SOS Filing Numbers

There are many reasons why people use SOS filing numbers. One of them is to protect their business from any legal issues. When you file your company’s name under the S Corporation code, it ensures that your company is protected legally. If someone tries to sue your company, they cannot do anything unless they prove that you did not follow the law. By using SOS filing numbers, you ensure that your company is safe from legal issues.

Another benefit of SOS filing numbers is that it helps you get tax advantages. You can deduct certain expenses if you file your company‘s information under the S corporation code. There are different types of deductions that you can take advantage of. These include depreciation, home office deduction, and others.


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How to get SOS Filing Number in Vermont

SOS filing number is a unique identification number given to businesses operating under the Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines. These numbers are issued to companies approved by SBA to operate as small businesses. In order to obtain these numbers, the company should first register their business name with the state agency responsible for issuing them. Once registered, they may apply for the number online at After applying, the applicant will receive a confirmation email stating whether or not their request was successful. If the request was unsuccessful, the applicant must contact the state agency directly to find out what went wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Business Already Registered with the Secretary of State?

For businesses already registered with the Office of the Secretary of State, there are several ways to keep track of your business information. First, you may check your status online. If you don’t see your business listed under “Active,” you haven’t filed your taxes within three years of opening your business. Once you’ve completed your return, you’ll receive a confirmation email, including instructions on completing your renewal.

You’ll need to log into your VTAX account if you want to update your contact information. You can change your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Also, you’ll need to enter your Social Security Number to verify your identity.

You may also register for a tax account directly with the department using myVTax. This option allows you to pay your taxes in one place. However, you must submit a Form W-9 to the department, which requires you to provide your identification number.

The secretary of state’s office has an annual filing requirement for businesses. These include:

• Annual report

• Monthly reports

• Quarterly reports

Can I be my registered agent in Vermont?

Yes! You can register yourself as a Registered Agent if you live in Vermont. If you do not have any assets or real estate in Vermont then you can still use a service called “Virtual Assistant” where they help you set up your company online.

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