Registered Agent for Rhode Island: How To Find The Best One For Your Business



A registered agent is someone who represents you in court proceedings. You can choose to use either a general agent or a particular agent.

General Agents

You can hire a general agent if you want to represent yourself in court cases. This individual serves as your representative in all matters involving your business. Your general agent is responsible for filing paperwork with the state and federal governments. He or she is also responsible for paying taxes on your behalf.

Special Agents

An attorney can serve as your special agent. Special agents represent you in specific matters such as real estate transactions. They do not handle tax issues, however. Instead, they act as your liaison with the IRS.

The deadline to appoint a registered agent is 30 days after forming the LLC. The LLC automatically becomes inactive if you fail to appoint a registered agent.

What Is the Role of Rhode Island Registered Agents?

A registered agent is responsible for managing the affairs of a corporation. In addition to being the company’s “eyes and ears,” it must file essential documents with the state and accept the service of process.

The term “registered agent” refers to someone designated by law to receive notices on behalf of a corporate entity. This person is often called a statutory agent because he or she is appointed by statute. Statutory agents are lawyers, accountants, bankers, or real estate brokers.

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Registered agents must maintain an office address where they can be reached. They are also responsible for keeping records of the company’s activity. These include:

• Business name change filings

• Corporate dissolution filings

• Notices to creditors

• Notices to shareholders

What Are the Legal Requirements for Registered Agents in Rhode Island?

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An agent must be a natural person residing in Rhode Island. He/she must be 18 years old or older. He/she must reside in Rhode Island. He must be able to read, write, speak and understand English. He/she must provide proof of identity and residency. He/she must sign documents on behalf of another party.

How Can I Change My Rhode Island Registered Agent?

There are three ways to change your registered agent: online, via mail, and in person. If you want to make sure you do it correctly, follow these steps:


1. Go to

2. Enter your RI address and zip code

3. Click “Change my Registered Agent”

4. Select “I’m filing a paper form”

5. Follow the instructions


1. Send a letter requesting to change your registered agent to the Secretary of State

2. Include $20 fee per request

In Person:

1. Visit your local office of the Secretary of State


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


Do I Need a Rhode Island Resident Agent in Rhode Island?

A RI resident agent is required to register an LLC or Corp. If you don’t have one already, it might be worth considering getting one. Here are some reasons why.

What type of business entity can serve as my Rhode Island registered agent?

For most businesses, having a registered agent is required. This person handles all legal matters related to your company’s formation. In Rhode Island, there are three ways to register an agent: self-registration, commercial registration and corporate registration. Each method has different requirements and benefits.

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You must file the paperwork yourself if you want to form a corporation without paying fees. You must submit the following documents to the state Division of Corporations: Articles of Organization, Certificate of Incorporation, Notice of Formation, and Articles of Amendment. You must pay $20 per document if you choose to do this.

Commercial Registration

You can use a registered professional agent to represent your interests. A licensed attorney or law firm can serve as your agent. They charge a fee for their services. An example of a typical fee structure includes $30/month plus 10% of gross receipts over $10,000; $50/month plus 15% of gross receipts over the previous month; and $75/month plus 20% of gross receipts over a certain amount.

Corporate Registration

A business incorporated under the laws of another jurisdiction may require a foreign agent to represent it. This could include a lawyer or law firm based out of that location. Corporate agents typically charge a flat fee for their services.

What steps must an owner take when selecting a registered agent in Rhode Island?

An LLC must register its name (and possibly change it) with the Secretary of State’s office before filing articles of incorporation. This includes selecting a registered agent — someone who will receive legal notices or processes on the company’s behalf. How In Rhode Island, you can choose a registered agent yourself, or you can hire one. But how do you know whether you’re hiring the best-registered agent for your needs? And what exactly constitutes good representation?

Why businesses choose to work with a registered agent service in Rhode Island?

Businesses choose to use registered agent services because they provide added security and convenience. These companies handle hundreds of clients, making them well versed in handling various paperwork. In addition, registered agents offer 24/7 customer care, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck without help.

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The Cost of Getting a Registered Agent in Rhode Island

Registered agent service is an essential tool for businesses in every industry. Whether starting out or already running a successful operation, it is crucial to have one on hand.

The best way to find out how much a registered agent service costs in Rhode Island is to contact a few providers and compare prices. You might even ask around to see what others are charging.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does registered agent mean owner?

A registered agent is someone you appoint to act on your behalf in certain legal matters. If you are doing business in another state or country, it could help protect you from personal liability. However, being a registered agent doesn’t make you a “business owner.

Are there risks if you are an LLC’s Rhode Island Registered Agent?

There are risks associated with being your Registered Agent. If you’re planning on doing this, we highly recommend getting professional help to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some things to consider:

1. Your LLC’s Registered Agent must be located where the Secretary of State can serve papers.

2. You must register your LLC within 30 days of forming it.

3. You must file your articles of organization within 10 days of filing your registration.

4. You must provide proof of insurance to the Secretary of State. This can either be a certificate of insurance or a copy of the policy.

5. You must pay $15 to renew your LLC’s registration every 2 years.

6. You can’t change your LLC’s address without changing your registered agent. This is because the registered agent is responsible for receiving legal notices related to your LLC, such as lawsuits filed against your LLC.

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