How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Oregon?



Oregon offers a variety of ways to start an LLC. You can do it yourself for free, you can pay someone else to do it for you, or you can hire a professional service to help you. Find out how much each option costs.

What is the cost of forming an LLC in Oregon?


Organizing a limited liability corporation (LLC) has many different ways. Some require less paperwork, while others come with additional fees. Depending on your state, the process can cost anywhere from $0-$1,500. To find out how much it costs to form an LLC in Oregon, we looked at the average prices charged by each state. Oregon charges about $150 per person, plus another $25 per person for filing fees. This makes the total cost $175 per person.

Oregon requires individuals to file a notice of formation within 30 days of creating the entity. After that, the LLC must pay a $75 filing fee. If the LLC wants to operate outside of Oregon, it must register with the Secretary of State in every state where it conducts business. For example, if the LLC plans to do business in California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, and the rest of the world.

The minimum amount of capital needed to start an LLC varies based on the type of company. Here are some examples:

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• Sole proprietorships don’t require any initial capital.

• General partnerships require $5,000.

• Limited Liability Companies require $2,500.

• Corporations require $10,000.

Oregon Annual Report Fee in Oregon: $100

The Oregon Board of Accountancy requires annual registration fees for those seeking licensure as accountants. The board administers the state’s accounting practice act and regulates the profession. In addition to the annual registration fee, applicants must complete the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination. Applicants must submit proof of passing the exam within 30 days of taking it. Failure to do so could lead to revocation of the applicant’s certificate.

Registered Agent Fee: Oregon

In Oregon you can register yourself or your business as a registered agent if it wants to. There are several reasons why you might choose to do this. For example, you could use a registered agent service to remind you of important filing dates. Or, you could use a service like ours to help you save money. We offer a variety of packages. Each includes a free initial consultation and up to three reminders per year. Plus, we include a $25 annual registration fee.

Cost in Forming a Foreign LLC in Oregon

Oregon requires businesses to file articles of organization every three months. If you fail to do so, the state will revoke your corporate status. This requirement applies even if you are registered under another state’s laws. In addition, Oregon requires businesses to file annual reports twice per year. These requirements apply whether you are incorporated in Oregon or not.

In addition, Oregon imposes several fees on foreign entities. For example, it charges a flat fee of $275 to form a foreign LLC. There are no additional filing fees unless you engage in certain types of activities.

Business Permits and Licenses

The other business permit process varies depending on the type of business.

How you run. Some require no permit in Oregon, while others require multiple permits. For example, some types of businesses do not require a building permit while others Filing requires one. You will want to check with your local authorities to see what you need to apply for.

There are different types of businesses, each requiring a specific set of licenses. In addition to the above-mentioned licenses, many additional licenses are required for certain industries. These include licenses related to food preparation, transportation, construction, etc. If you plan to start a business, it is important to familiarize yourself with all licensing requirements.

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Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


Other LLC Filing Costs

LLC filing fees are $100 per person or corporation, plus state fee. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll pay about $200-$300 total.

The cost of filing varies depending on how many members there are, whether you’re starting a sole proprietorship or partnership, and where you live. Some states charge extra for certain types of companies like limited liability corporations (LLCs).

For example, California charges $150 per member for LLCs with fewer than five members; $250 for those with six members or more. New York doesn’t charge anything unless your company has assets worth over $1 million. In some states, you might have to pay an annual renewal fee.

In addition to the initial filing fee, you’ll probably have to pay another fee each year to renew your certificate of good standing. This is typically done online, although some states require you to mail in a check.

How to File Your Annual Report in Oregon

The deadline to file your annual report is April 15th. There are three ways you can do it:

1. Online: Go to Click on “File Form.” You’ll see instructions on how to fill out the form and submit it electronically.

2. By mail: Send the completed form to the Secretary of State’s office at P.O. Box 57500, Salem OR 97296. Be sure to include your payment with your submission.

3. In person: Mail your completed form to the Secretary’s office along with your payment. If you choose this option, you must bring proof of identity and address, such as a driver’s license or utility bill.

Oregon Annual Report Due Dates and Fees

The annual report due dates for Oregon businesses are April 15th and June 15th, depending on whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to ensure you know the deadlines for filing your annual report.

Different filing fees are depending upon your type of business entity. For example, corporations pay $50 while sole proprietorships and partnerships pay $10.

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Filing Your Oregon Annual Report

You can file your Oregon annual report online. If you do not know where to start, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Oregon Business Registration.”

3. Select “Annual Reports.”

4. Follow the instructions to complete the form

5. Print your completed form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

6. Ensure you include a copy of your most recent federal income tax return and annual report.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get an LLC?

If you want to form your own limited liability company (LLC), there are several ways to do it. However, some methods involve paying fees and filing paperwork. If you don’t mind doing those things yourself, here’s what you can do for free to start your own LLC.

By forming it yourself, you can avoid paying $200-$400 to register your LLC online. This includes making your own operating agreement and filling out forms for your agent for service of process. There are many resources to help you complete this process, including ours.

To find the best place to incorporate, we recommend starting with They offer a free consultation to answer questions about where to incorporate, how much it costs, and whether you qualify for tax benefits.

What happens if I forget to file my Oregon Annual Report?

If you fail to file your Oregon Annual Report, you could face serious consequences. In fact, failure to file the report within three months of the end of the fiscal year could lead to administrative dissolution or revocation of your corporate status. This could happen even if you are still operating your business.

The deadline for filing the annual report is June 30th. However, if you miss it, you have 45 days to rectify the situation. You must notify the Secretary of State of Oregon within 15 days of missing the deadline. Failure to do so could mean that your corporation is no longer valid.

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