How to file Articles of Organization (Full Guide) For Oklahoma LLC?



The cost of forming an LLC is $100. If you want to form an LLC in Oklahoma, there are three different ways to do it. You can use one of the following methods:

1. Use the online option at the Oklahoma Secretary of State website. This method requires no filing fees. However, it does require that you provide personal information.

2. File an application with the county clerk where you reside. Some counties charge a filing fee.

3. Register an agent with the secretary of state. This process is free but requires providing personal information.

Once your articles of organization is accepted, you can renew your registration annually for $25.

If you don’t know how to register an agent, here are some tips:

• Go to the Oklahoma Secretary of State site and look up the name of the person you want to serve as your agent.

Instructions for Oklahoma LLC Articles of Organization by Mail

To form an Oklahoma limited liability company, you must complete the following steps:

1. Fill out the Application For Formation of Oklahoma Limited Liability Company form. You will need to pay $50.00 to do this.

2. Complete and submit the Articles of Organization form found here. This form requires a signature. If you are signing electronically, it will take about 7-10 business days to process.

3. Send the completed forms to the Oklahoma Secretary of State via certified mail.

4. Wait for approval.

5. Once approved, send a copy of the articles to the Oklahoma Secretary of state.

6. Receive a Certificate of Authority.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


Instructions for forming an LLC online

To form an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must register with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s Business Services Division. You must do this even if you already have a corporation or partnership registered in Oklahoma. If you don’t, you’ll need to start over again.

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Complete your Oklahoma LLC Articles of Organization Online

If you want to start a limited liability company in Oklahoma, you’ll need to complete the Articles of Organization online. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how many questions you answer. If you don’t know what to write down, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Instructions for expedited walk-in filing of articles of organization for Oklahoma LLCs

You can file your articles of incorporation online now. This process takes less than 10 minutes and costs $50. If you want to do it yourself, here are the instructions.

If you prefer to go in person, you can still do that too. There Oklahoma is no charge for doing it in person, but you must make sure to bring the following documents with you:

• Your completed application form

• A copy of your current driver’s license or state ID card

• Proof of residency – such as a utility bill or lease agreement showing your address

• Two forms of identification – one photo and one document containing your signature

• Any required attachments

Oklahoma Amended Articles of Organization vs. Restated Articles of Organization

An amended articles of organization does NOT replace the original articles of organizations. A restated article of organizations is an amendment to the initial reports of the organization, while amended articles of organization are supplementary to the original articles of organizations.

Amended articles of organizations will supersede any previous alterations. In addition, amended articles of organization must be filed within one month of the date it is signed. If you file amended articles of organization to correct errors found in the original articles of organization or add additional members, the amended articles of organization supersede any prior amendments.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing in Oklahoma

A Certificate of Good Standing verifies that your Oklahoma LLC was officially formed and has been properly managed. This certificate is required when seeking financing, applying for certain types of business licenses, or renewing existing ones. An Oklahoma Certificate of Good Standing must be obtained within 30 days of forming your corporation.

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Business owners often ask about how to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing. There are several steps involved in getting one:

1. File Articles of Organization

2. Pay filing fees

3. Pay annual franchise taxes

4. Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

5. Get an Oklahoma Corporation Commission Tax ID number

6. Register with the Secretary of State’s office

7. Renew your corporate status annually

8. Order your Certificate of Good Standing

9. Receive your Certificate of Good Standing via email

10. Print it out and keep it handy

How to File the Certificate of Incorporation for an Oklahoma Nonprofit

Filing the Certificate of Incorporated is a critical step in beginning a 501(c)( 3) Nonprofit in Oklahoma, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many ways to do it, and we’re here to help. Check out our other guides if you want to start a nonprofit in another state. But if you live in Oklahoma, let us show you how to file the certificate.

The process starts with filling out the application online. You’ll need to provide information about yourself, your board members, and your plans for the future. Once you apply, an officer will review it. They will either approve it or ask you to make changes. After that, you must pay $50 to complete the filing process.

Once you file the paperwork, you’ll receive a copy of the completed document. Keep that handy because you’ll need it later.

Now that you have filed the papers, you still have work. Your next steps include setting up bank accounts, getting insurance, and paying taxes.

You’ll also need to update your IRS Form 990. To find that, go to

Does Oklahoma require an operating agreement for LLC?

Oklahoma requires an Operating Agreement for any type of business entity. An Operating Agreement is a contract between members of an organization. A member may enter into an Operating Agreement only if he/she is not already a party to the Organization’s Articles of Incorporation or its Bylaws. In addition, the Operating Agreement must be signed by each member who joins the Organization after the date of the Operating Agreement. If the Organization does not have an Operating Agreement, then it cannot operate as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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An Operating Agreement should specify the purpose of the Organization; the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the Members; the powers granted to the Members; the rights and duties of the Members; the method of electing Directors and Officers; the terms of service of the Directors and Officers; how the Organization shall conduct its affairs; how Members’ interests shall be represented; how disputes among the Members shall be resolved; and how the assets of the Organization shall be distributed upon dissolution.

The Operating Agreement should provide for the following matters:

(a) Purpose – The purpose of the Organization;

(b) Name – The name of the Organization;

(d) Management – The management of the Organization;

(f) Dissolution – The procedure for dissolving the Organization;

(g) Distribution of Assets Upon Dissolution – The distribution of the assets of the Organization upon dissolution;

(h) Dividends – The amount and frequency of dividends payable to Members;

(i) Redemption of Shares – The redemption of shares of the capital stock of the Organization at book value per share;

(j) Limitation on Liabilities – The limitation on the liabilities of the Organization;

(m) Other Provisions – Any other provisions necessary to carry out the purposes of the Organization.

What is a Secretary of State filing number in Oklahoma?

1. Filing Number

The filing number is a unique identifier assigned to each business entity. A filing number consists of three parts: (1) the type of entity, (2) the state where the entity was formed, and (3) the year the entity was created.

For example, if you were to create a company called “ABC Company” in California, the filing number would look something like this: ABC-123456789.

2. Department

The department is the name of the government agency responsible for processing filings. In the case of companies, the department is known as the Secretary of State.

3. File Number

This is the actual number associated with the filing. You will find this number at the top right corner of the document.

You may need to contact the Secretary of State’s office to obtain the filing number.

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