How to File the Articles of Incorporation for an Ohio Nonprofit



Filing the articles of incorporation for a nonprofit organization is one of the most important steps to establishing your organization. You want to ensure everything is set up correctly from the beginning. If you don’t do it properly, there could be problems down the road.

There are several different ways to go about doing this. One way is to hire a professional attorney. They’re usually expensive, though. Another option is to use online resources like This works well, too, but you still need to pay someone to help you. A third option is to do it yourself. This isn’t recommended because it’s much harder than it looks.

The best option is to find a good law firm that specializes in helping people form nonprofits. These firms typically charge less money than attorneys who specialize in general practice.

You will need to gather certain documents before filing articles of incorporation for an LLC.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office offers several ways to incorporate a nonprofit organization in Ohio. Depending on the type of nonprofit, there are different requirements for incorporating. If you want to form a charitable corporation, you must file an initial articles ofincorporation within 30 days after forming your nonprofit. This article explains what information you will need to include in the initial articles ofincorpora tion.

Article I – Name of Corporation

You must name your nonprofit in Article I of the initial articles ofincorporation. For example, if you want to call your nonprofit “My Nonprofit Organization,” you must put “My Nonprofit Organiza tions” in Article I of theinitialarticles ofincorporation.

Article II – Purpose of Corporations

In Article II of the initial articles of incorpora tion, you must state the purpose of your nonprofit. In general, the purpose of a nonprofit is to provide public benefit. However, some nonprofits do not meet this definition because they are organized to promote religious beliefs.

Article III – Number of Directors

If you plan to operate your nonprofit under a board of directors, you must list the number of directors in Article III of the initial articles of incorporation. A nonprofit cannot have more than 15 directors unless it qualifies as a charitable corporation.

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Section 1: Entity Name

A corporation must have a specific purpose for existing. This purpose is called the “entity name.” The entity name is usually the same as the legal name of the corporation. For example, a corporation named “Apple Computer,” Inc., would have an entity name of “Apple Computer, Inc.”

The Articles of Incorporation must include the name of a corporation and its address. These are called the “articles of incorporation.” The articles of incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State and are public documents.

An Articles of Incorporation includes provisions about how the company will operate and what it will do. These provisions are called the “bylaws.” The bylaws define the internal rules and regulations of the company. They are often referred to as the “corporate constitution.”

The Articles of Incorporation should specify the length for which the company exists. The Articles of Incorpora tion should state whether the company will exist for one day, one week, one month, one year, five years, ten years, or forever.

Shareholders cannot vote cumulatvely. Instead, shareholders must vote individually. Each shareholder votes his/her shares independently. If one shareholder owns 10% of the shares, he/she can cast 10% of the votes. If another shareholder owns 90%, he/she can cast 90% of the votes.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


Companies must appoint a statutory agent. This person is responsible for filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. He/She acts on behalf of the company and represents the company in court.

If you want to incorporate a company, you must complete the following steps:

Section 2: Principal Office & Effective Date

The IRS requires nonprofits like yours to form under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This section defines what you are allowed to do and how you are required to operate. In addition, it specifies the principal office where your organization must maintain its records and files. You must establish your principal office within 60 days following the date on which your nonprofit is formed.

Section 3: Purpose

Your nonprofit organization should have a clearly defined purpose. A mission statement describes what you do and why it matters. This helps people understand how you are different from others and what makes you unique. You want to make sure that people know what you’re about.

The purpose of your nonprofit organization should be included in the title of every page on your site. Make sure that the title includes the words “nonprofit,” “organization,” and/or “foundation.” If you don’t use those exact words, you could lose traffic to sites where the terms are used.

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Attachments: Supplemental Provisions/Information

The IRS requires organizations to include certain information on their tax returns. This includes attaching documents such as incorporation articles, meetings minutes, financial statements, etc. The reason for including these items is because it helps the IRS verify the legitimacy of the organization. If you are starting a nonprofit organization, consider including some form of documentation that proves what you claim to do.

Appointment of statutory agent

The original appointment of a statutory agent is one of the most important steps in forming a limited liability company (LLC). This article explains what happens during the process of appointing a statutory agent and how it affects the LLC.

 Incorporators Signatures

The process of incorporating a business entity can seem daunting. There are lots of legal requirements and fees involved, and it can take weeks or months to go through the entire process. Fortunately, there are professionals ready to help you throughout the process. These people are called incorporators.

An incorporator is someone who completes and files the incorporation documents. In most states, incorporators must be licensed and certified to practice law. This includes being admitted to the bar association and holding a valid certificate of good standing.

Incorporators must be registered with the state where they plan to incorporate. Depending on the type of business entity, some states require that the incorporator be a resident of that state. Other states allow individuals to register as corporate officers.

If you want to form a corporation in Delaware, you’ll find that the cost of forming a corporation in Delaware is relatively low compared to other states. However, you do need to pay filing fees and taxes, which vary depending on the size of your business.

How to File an Ohio Corporation

Online filing is free and easy, while filing by mail costs $100 and in person filing is expensive and cumbersome. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are many online resources to help you navigate the process.

The Ohio Secretary of State offers a variety of tools to make the process easier. You can use our online forms to file articles of incorporation, change names, add directors and shareholders, and much more. Our online forms are secure and convenient. They’re accessible 24/7 and allow you to complete your paperwork from anywhere. And we offer free legal advice to guide you along the way.

You can also download our handy Quick Guide to File Your Articles of Incorporation. This guide walks you through the steps of registering your corporation, including what documents you’ll need to submit and where to find them.

How much does it cost to obtain a certified copy of Ohio Articles of Incorporation or Ohio Articles of Organization?

A certified copy of articles of corporation or incorporation can be mailed directly to you. To do so, you must send the original documents to the Secretary of State’s Office along with $25 plus one additional fee. If you want an expedited service option, you’ll pay an extra $5 fee.

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You can order a certified copy online through the Secretary of States’ office. This option requires you to mail the originals to the Secretary of State along with $30 plus one additional fee. For an expedited service option that costs $15, you’ll need to mail the originals to him along with $35 plus one additional fee.

How long does it take to get a certified copy of articles of organization, or a certified copy of articles of incorporation from the Ohio Secretary of State?

A certified copy of articles of organizations or incorporation must be filed within 10 days of the date of filing. The documents are uploaded into the state’s system if you file electronically. You do not need to wait for the mail. However, if you use a third party document retrieval service, such as LegalZoom, you must pay for expedited delivery. An expedited service costs $10.00. Mailing is recommended. There is no charge for mailing.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register Your Business Name

There are many things to consider when choosing a business name. You want something catchy, memorable, easy to spell, and most importantly, available. Here’s how to choose a business name that works for you:

1. Make sure the name is available. If there is already a similar company in your area, check to see if the name is registered in the state. This is called Distinctive upon the records. If the name isn’t registered, you’ll need to file a trademark application. To do this, you must follow the process outlined by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

2. Get legal advice. A lawyer can help you understand what is required to register your business name.

3. Search the federal government’s databases. The government maintains a comprehensive list of business names that are available for registration. 4. Reserve the name online. ZenBusiness offers a convenient way to reserve your chosen name. Simply enter the name into the form and select “Reserve Now.” Once the name is reserved, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

5. File a trademark application. After reserving your desired name, you’ll need to apply for a trademark. The US Patent and Trademark office requires that you submit a completed application along with supporting documents. For additional information about filing a trademark application, please contact our office.

How to file the Ohio Articles of Incorporation

The Secretary of State’s Office provides filing assistance for articles of incorporation for businesses incorporated in Ohio. Businesses must follow certain steps in order to incorporate in Ohio.

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