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An articles of organization is a document you file with the state of New York before forming an LLC. This includes the following: name, address, date of formation, registered agent, and filing fee. These documents are required before forming an LLC because it allows you to protect yourself against personal liability. If someone sues your LLC, they cannot hold you personally liable unless you signed the articles of organization.

There are three main components to articles of organization: name; address; and filing fee. Name refers to what the entity is called. Address refers to where the office is located. Filing fee refers to how much money you pay to register the articles of organization. All of this information goes into one single document.

Article of organizations are available online, or through legal services. LegalZoom offers free templates for articles of organization. They also offer premium versions of articles of organization for $19 per month.

Articles of organization for New York City

If you are planning to start a limited liability company (LLC), make sure that your LLC name isn’t already taken. You’ll need to choose a state or city where your LLC will operate out of. Next, choose a state or city that includes your mailing address. Finally, include a mailing address in your Articles of Organization. If you’re looking for a fast way to set up a New York LLC, we’ve got you covered. Our online form lets you complete your articles of organization within minutes.

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How to form an LLC in NY – In a nutshell

An Article of Organization (AO) is required to form an entity called an “LLC,” or Limited Liability Company. This document must be filed with both the Secretary of State and the County Clerk within 30 days of forming the LLC. There are three ways to file an AO; each requires different fees.

The easiest way to form an LLC is to use the online system offered by the Secretary of State. However, it costs $150 per member. If you want to avoid paying the fee, you can hire a lawyer to prepare the paperwork for you. You’ll pay about $1,500 plus legal fees. Alternatively, you can complete the paper forms yourself and save money.

If you’re filing the documents yourself, there are four steps to completing the process:

Step 1 – Obtain a DBA Number

You’ll need a DBA number to operate under a fictitious name. To obtain one, contact the Secretary of State. They charge $50 for a temporary number and $75 for a permanent one.

Step 2 – Select Registered Agent

Once you’ve obtained a DBA number, choose a registered agent. Your registered agent will receive notices of lawsuits, liens, and other legal actions against your LLC. He/she will also accept service of summonses and complaints.


Create your LLC Corporation with just 3 easy steps


There are some guidelines when choosing a name for your LLC.

The process of choosing a name for your limited liability company (LLC) can seem daunting. However, there are some things you must take into consideration. For example, if you choose a name that sounds like it belongs to someone else, such as a brand name, you could run into trouble down the road. Also, don’t use a name that might infringe upon another person’s trademark. If you’re unsure whether or not your proposed name violates someone else’s intellectual property, contact the Intellectual Property Office of New York City (IPONYC). They can help determine if the name is protected by law.

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You can reserve a name for no longer than 60 days. To do so, send a letter to IPONYC stating why you want to reserve the name and how long you plan to use it. You’ll receive a response within 30 days. After receiving approval, you’ll pay $200 to file the application.

If you decide to go ahead with your plans, make sure to check out the following tips:

• Do not pick a name that has already been registered.

• Don’t use a name that sounds too similar to a well-known brand.

• Be careful about names that include numbers.

• Avoid words that sound like “company,” “corporation,” or “partnership.”

Operating Agreements for Startups

An operating agreement is a document used to establish the rights and responsibilities of a limited liability company (LLC) members. In addition to defining the roles of the owners, it describes how the company will operate and what happens if one owner leaves. This article guides drafting an operating agreement for an LLC.

Publication Requirements Guidelines in NY

The Secretary of State is responsible for publishing notices in newspapers. If you do not receive published notice within 30 days of filing, you must submit an affidavit stating that you did not receive notice. A fee of $50 is charged to file the affidavit.

Tax and regulatory requirements guidelines for US companies

The Internal Revenue Service requires certain information to be included in tax returns filed by foreign corporations doing business in the United States. This includes reporting requirements related to income earned by foreign entities and distributions paid to shareholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing (CGS) is a document issued by the state’s Department of Health indicating that a business is operating legally under its current name. A CGS is not proof that a business is legitimate or legal; however, it does suggest that the business owner has complied with all laws regarding their operation.

What is the purpose of the Articles of Organization?

The articles of organization are the essential documents of any corporation. These documents outline the rules and regulations of how the company should operate. In addition, they define each shareholder’s rights and who owns what percentage of stock. There are two types of articles of organization: (1) Articles of Incorporation and (2) Bylaws.

Article of Incorporation

An article of incorporation is a document that establishes the existence of a corporation. An article of incorporation is filed with the state government where the business is incorporated. Once the articles have been approved, the corporation becomes officially recognized by the state. A corporation cannot exist without having at least one set of articles of incorporation.


Bylaws are the rules and regulations established by shareholders of a corporation. Shareholders may establish their bylaws if they choose. However, many states require corporations to follow specific guidelines. The state will revoke its corporate status if a corporation does not follow these requirements.

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