Arkansas LLC Annual Fees: How to Pay Them and What They Include



If you are an Arkansas LLC, it is important to know how and when to pay your annual fees. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about annual fees for Arkansas LLCs, including what they include and how to pay them. We will also provide a few tips on making the process as easy as possible!

What are the annual fees for Arkansas LLCs and what do they include?

Annual fees for Arkansas LLCs are $45 and they include the cost of the annual report. The annual report is a document that updates the state on the status of your business, including any changes to your registered agent or address. It also gives you the opportunity to update your contact information and list of officers and directors. LLCs are required to file their annual reports by March 1st. If you do not file your report on time, you will be charged a late fee of $25. You can file your annual report online, by mail, or in person.

How can you pay your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC?

Pay your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC online

Paying your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC is easy to do online. Simply log into the Secretary of State’s website and click on the “Online Services” link.

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From there, you’ll be able to enter your LLC’s information and pay the required fee. The process is quick and straightforward, and it’s a great way to keep your business in good standing with the state.

Plus, by paying online, you can avoid having to mail in a check or money order. So why not take advantage of this convenient service? Pay your Arkansas LLC annual fees today and make life just a little bit easier.

Mail your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC to the Corporations Division

Every year, LLCs registered in Arkansas must pay an annual fee to the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State’s office. The fee for most LLCs is $150, and it must be paid by June 1st. LLCs can mail their annual fee to the Corporations Division at:

Arkansas Secretary of State

Corporations Division

P.O. Box 2814

Little Rock, AR 72203-2814

Alternatively, LLCs can pay their annual fee online through the Arkansas Business OneStop portal. To do so, business owners will need to create an account and log in. Once logged in, they will be able to submit their payment using a credit or debit card.

For more information on paying your annual LLC fee in Arkansas, visit the Secretary of State’s website or contact the Corporations Division directly.

Fax your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC to the Corporations Division

The annual franchise tax for most Arkansas LLCs is $150. This can be paid online, by mail, or in person.

  • To pay by fax, simply print and complete the Franchise Tax Payment form found on the Arkansas Secretary of State website.
  • Then, fax the completed form and your credit card information to 501-377-3884. You will receive a confirmation receipt by email or fax once your payment has been processed.

Please note that there is a $5 convenience fee for using this service.

Drop off your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC at the Corporations Division

The decision to form an Arkansas limited liability company (LLC) is an important one for any business owner. Not only does it provide personal liability protection for the owners, but it also helps to separate the business from the owner’s personal assets.

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Once the LLC is formed, there are a few key steps that must be taken to maintain it in good standing with the state. One of these steps is the annual payment of LLC fees. The Corporations Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office is responsible for collecting these fees, and they can be paid online, by mail, or in person.

For businesses that are just getting started, it is important to budget for these annual fees so that the LLC can remain in good standing with the state.

When are the annual fees due for an Arkansas LLC?


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Arkansas law requires that LLCs pay an annual fee of $150. This fee is due on the anniversary of the LLC’s formation. For example, if an LLC is formed on January 1, the annual fee would be due on January 1 of the following year.

The fee is paid to the Arkansas Secretary of State. If an LLC fails to pay its annual fee, it will be subject to a late fee of $50. Additionally, the LLC’s status may be revoked if it does not pay its annual fee for two consecutive years. As a result, it is important for LLCs to stay up-to-date on their annual fees.

What happens if you don’t pay your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC on time?

If you don’t pay your annual fees for an Arkansas LLC on time, your business will be automatically dissolved. That means your company will no longer exist, and you’ll have to start from scratch if you want to continue operating as an LLC in Arkansas.

Dissolution can be a costly and time-consuming process, so it’s important to make sure that you pay your annual fees on time. If you’re not sure when your fees are due, you can check with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. In addition, it’s a good idea to set up a payment reminder so that you don’t miss the deadline. Dissolving an LLC is often complicated and stressful, so it’s best to avoid it if at all possible.

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Are there any other costs associated with running an Arkansas LLC besides the annual fees?

Beyond the annual filing fees, there are a few other potential costs associated with running an Arkansas LLC. For example, if you plan to have your LLC taxed as a corporation, you will need to file an additional form with the state. You may also be required to obtain a business license from your city or county.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also need to obtain special permits or insurance. However, these additional costs are typically relatively small compared to the overall cost of running a business. As such, they should not be a major deterrent when forming an LLC in Arkansas.


In sum, annual fees for Arkansas LLCs are relatively low and cover a variety of services from the state. The best way to pay your annual fees is online, and they’re due by the end of each year. If you don’t pay on time, there may be penalties, so it’s important to stay aware of the deadline. There are some other costs associated with running an LLC in Arkansas, but these are minimal in comparison to the annual fees.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to renew your LLC Every year in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas requires you to file an annual franchise tax report for your LLC. This report is related to the state franchise tax, which applies to most LLCs. The tax paid to the Secretary of State is $150.

How much does an LLC cost in Arkansas?

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Arkansas? The Arkansas Secretary of State charges a fee of $45 for filing articles of organization online and $50 for filing by mail. You can reserve an LLC name with the Arkansas SOS for $25 if you file by mail or $22.50 if you file online.

How are LLCs taxed in Arkansas?

All LLCs operating in Arkansas must file an annual report and pay a flat fee of $150 per year. The $150 tax and the annual report are known together as the Annual LLC Franchise Tax Report.

Does Arkansas require an Annual Report?

In the state of Arkansas, every business must file an annual report. Arkansas requires that you file this report by May 1 of each year or you may be delinquent and subject to fees and penalties.

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