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Cheap Bail Bonds Denver

Cheap Bail Bonds Denver

If you need cheap bail bonds in Denver for your friend or loved one, then contact Good to Go Bail Bonds. Think of us as your Get Out of Jail NOT Free Card. We offer cheap bail bonds for people who can’t afford to pay cash bonds for their criminal charges. For such people, a surety bond is the cheapest kind of bail bond available, as they will only need to come up with 10% of the cost of their cash bonds. This means that they will only need to raise $500 if your cash bond is $5,000.

Of course, as with all good things in life, nothing comes for free. In order to qualify for a surety bond, the arrested person will need a promisor – somebody who has tangible property or an asset that they are willing to place on the line for them. As long as the person makes their court appearances and doesn’t abscond, the promisor’s property will not be confiscated. Even in cases when people on bail abscond, we typically don’t go right after the property of the promisor, so long as they work with us to produce the physical person of the escapee.

Escaping from bail is never the answer! We’ve seen people do it over and over throughout the years, and it has NEVER turned out good for anyone involved, least of which the escapee. This is why it is so important for the promisor to fully trust the person they are helping to bail out.

Why We Offer Cheap Bail Bonds in Denver

The reason why we offer cheap bail bonds in Denver is not only that it’s our business, but we do it because we believe in the constitution of the United States. We provide cheap bail bonds because everybody (even the worst criminals) deserve to be considered innocent until proven guilty – even if there is probable cause for a criminal charge to be issued. Sitting in jail before being convicted and sentenced is hardly innocent until proven guilty!

Plus, everybody who is charged with a crime is entitled to put together a legal defense for themselves – a quality legal defense that is not possible with a public defender! However, it is simply not possible to put together a real criminal defense from behind bars. People need to be able to move freely to acquire witnesses, coordinate with their lawyers, prepare evidence, and so forth. If a person can’t bail out of jail, then they’re out of luck! Still, at least there is a hope that if the person in jail can bail out, they can then prepare their defense.

Additionally, many people need to make other preparations just in case they end up going to jail. A bail bond can postpone incarceration for several months or more, giving the individual the time they need to get their ducks in a row, so to speak. Sitting behind bars awaiting trial; an individual is much more likely to lose their job, lose their homes, and not be able to provide for their loved ones.

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Cheap Bail Bonds Denver

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